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I am a nurse and a nutritionist, and I want to help you take control of your health and maximize your wellness.

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A Bit About Meg

I am a Nurse and Nutritionist working out of my hometown in Muskoka.
My goal is to help educate you on how you can take control of your wellness and to help you feel healthy.
My passion for nutrition developed while working as a nurse at the local hospital. I was motivated and a little frustrated with what I saw on a daily basis.
I thought, how transformative it would be to people's lives if I offered one-on-one support to help address imbalances in their body at the first sign of illness. Providing them useful knowledge that allows them to take control of their wellness while they are well enough to.
More About Me
"I weighed myself today and I was down THREE pounds from the beginning of the challenge."    -KM-
"Right from the beginning, Meg was supportive and had the knowledge to identify some systems that weren’t fully functioning. Rather than completely alter my lifestyle and diet, she offered me easy alternatives to begin to incorporate into my daily routine. Thank you Meg!" - EJ-
"Her sound holistic health knowledge offers people the right information to make informed choices about their nutrition and wellness." - KC-

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