Hi, I'm Meg




I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself.

Hopefully I will get the chance to work with you, in which case I'll get to know quite a lot about you. 

So I think it is only fair that I share with you a little bit about myself.

My Story

My Education

My plan after graduation was to attend Laurentian University for Forensic Science, but fortunately, my plans changed. Instead of moving into a dorm that September, I met my husband Mac. I decided to become a nurse about a year later. I enjoyed it and I was good at it, so when it became my career in 2015, it seemed right, for the most part.


I decided that my goal would be to do everything I could to maximize the health, vitality, and longevity of anyone who was motivated enough to take control of their own health.

My Motivation

As I suffered through debilitating, unexplained migraine in nursing school, and underwent 3 knee surgeries, I started to feel a desire to get away from Western medicine.
This feeling only got stronger when I went to my doctor to discuss my mental health and their first recommendation was medication. Don’t get me wrong, there is 100% a place for Western medicine and because of my education and experience as a nurse, I am very aware of where that line is.
However, it started to bother me that many of my patients were depending on Western medicine to keep their bodies going, not realizing that they could have taken control of their health through healthy diet and lifestyle choices earlier on in life.

My Wellness Journey

While attending the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition I learned more than I could have expected about how we can take control of our health. This includes mental health.
When my PTSD reared its head years after my trauma, I decided that because of my knowledge and the amount of support I had, medication would be my last resort, despite what my doctor suggested.
Instead, I focused on therapy, self-care, a proper diet, healthy lifestyle and healthy relationships. I ended up with SELF-AWARENESS.
Through the surgeries, pain, trauma and hardships, I was left with me. I was responsible for getting myself through it, asking for help and setting myself up for a healthy future. This only increased my passion for natural healing.

Here, at Nutrition with Meg, there is no model for what healthy is or looks like.  

It is all about how you feel.  

Do you feel healthy?  If not, let me help you get there.

Meg's Family

I am also a wife to my best friend Mac. We have been together for over 8 years now and together we love to travel, hike, camp, drink tea together and play ping pong. We have taken at least 1 trip every year since we met, and we love to go on back country canoe trips together.