Work One-on-One With Meg

Get to the root of your health concerns with a health plan that is customized to your bodies needs. 

Our bodies are very complex.

An imbalance with one organ or gland can cause a cascade of other issues that you would never expect.


Approaching our health concerns and complaints with a holistic approach allows us to see the full image of what is really happening in our bodies.


Your one-on-one assessments will allow Meg to see the whole picture. Identifying connections between body systems to ensure the root of the imbalance is addressed.

One-on-One Services

A Consultation is perfect if you like the sounds of improving their health and correcting imbalances, although, you would like to chat with Meg before commiting to the Full Assessment to learn how this will apply specifically to your body and lifestyle. 

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A Full Assessment provides you with insight into your body and offers specific recommendations to support imbalanced body systems. A personalized health plan is developed specifically for you, to address your health complaints, concerns and wellness goals.

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1. 1 hour one-on-one video consultation to review your health complaints and health goals.

2. I will assess your body systems and offer insight into your body's function, and identify imbalances that are contributing to health complaints and/or limiting your ability to achieve your health goals.

3. I will offer recommendations to guide you towards wellness and offer the knowledge you need to determine what next step is right for your health and lifestyle.

Specific food and supplement recommendations are not provided in the consultation.

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  1.  1 hour video consultation to gather medical history, and to discuss your health concerns and goals. Meg will use the information provided before and during the consultation to explain the balances and imbalances in your body. What these imbalances mean, why they are important, and how they will be addressed.  
  2. Meg will develop an individualized health plan that will support the body systems of concern. Your health plan will be delivered to you in multiple steps to ensure you have the time you need to comfortably implement each recommendation. Meg will include an explanatory video with each step, ensuring you understand the why and how behind each recommendation.  
    • In each step you may receive a variety of recommendations, such as dietary, herbal, supplements, lifestyle. Each step is developed to suit your needs and abilities. 
  3. When you have worked through your first step, you simply give Meg an update of your progress and let her know you are ready to advance to your next step. 
    • For some people it takes 1 week to progress to the next step, for others it takes 4. We move at the pace you are comfortable with.


Access to Meg: You get email access to Meg throughout your health plan to ensure all questions and concerns are heard and answered. 

Reassessment: 3 months following the final step of your health plan, you will have a reassessment with Meg to review your progress and get an insight into how your body systems are responding.


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