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"I weighted myself today and I was down THREE pounds from the beginning of the challenge.
I haven't been restricting myself or dieting, but just following your guidelines."  

"I was blown away by the final report"


"Meghan has helped me so much with my nutrition issues! She administers a very detailed analysis of your issues through a combination of questionnaires and interviews.

I was blown away by the final report and how much help there was. Meghan suggested the appropriate vitamins and supplements, diet changes, specific menu ideas, overall wellness in regards to exercise and mental health.

She spends so much time patiently reviewing your case. Such a pleasure to work with you Meghan!"

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"She offered me easy alternatives"


"Working with Meg was an absolute dream from beginning to end! I live a pretty healthy lifestyle and feel great most of the time. However, I realized that there were little things that weren’t 100%.


Right from the beginning, Meg was supportive and had the knowledge to identify some systems that weren’t fully functioning. Rather than completely alter my lifestyle and diet, she offered me easy alternatives to begin to incorporate into my daily routine. Thank you Meg!"

"Meghan is passionate about what she does, this is clear in 

the high level of expertise she offers 

her clients and even speaking at community programs. 
Her sound holistic health knowledge offers people the right information to make informed choices about their nutrition and wellness."