Terms and Conditions - Online Programs

Nutrition with Meg

The following statements are agreed to upon entering all Online Programs, by Nutrition with Meg, including challenges, wellness programs, the wellness warrior's community, and free-bees. Excluding One-on-one Personalized Programs.

• I am entering this program at my own risk.

• Nutrition with Meg is not responsible for any negative impacts that may occur as a result of participating in the program.

• I understand that these programs are not personalized or developed specifically for me, and as a result could negatively affect my health.

• It is my responsibility to consult with my physician prior to participation in such programs to determine if this program is safe for me.

• I understand that any social media participation I have during this program does not fall under the confidentiality obligation/oath of Nutrition with Meg.

• Any information I share over social media with Nutrition with Meg is not confidential under the confidentiality oath of Nutrition with Meg.

• By tagging Nutrition with Meg on social media, ex. @nutrition.withmeg, @nutritionwithmeg.clientpage, I consent to having this information shared.

• Any private discussions between me and Nutrition with Meg over email or phone will be kept confidential under the confidentiality oath upheld by Nutrition with Meg.